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Salvation Army Christmas Angels 2019
​Frequently Asked Questions

When will you send my wish list?
​Please keep in mind that we are volunteers.  We have "real" jobs too.  We usually do most of our correspondence after 5 pm.  If you request a wish list, and haven't received it after 24 hours, please feel free to send us a reminder email.

When is the Deadline to have our gifts back?
The earlier the better! The absolute latest is December 13th. 
​The Salvation Army will be distributing the gifts to the families on December 20th. We need every minute of every day between 
the 13th and the 20th to get the gifts delivered to the distribution site, sorted and staged for distribution.

Where do I drop off my gifts?
Please call or text  before you arrive. Below are the days and hours available for each drop off location:

Drop Off #1
9169 Cotswold Dr.
Pickerington, Ohio 43147
Call/text Michele at  614-581-3274
Hours: M-F 9am-9pm  Please call or text before you arrive.

Drop Off #2
Seibert Keck/ Insurance Partners Clintonville Office
3215 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43202
614-246-7475 Please call before you arrive.
M-F 9am-5pm

How much should I spend?
The next most asked question after "when are they due" is "how much should I spend?" The answer?---We don't know.  
Give to your level of comfort. Get a few things from the need items and a few from the want items.  Go to discount stores to   
get the most bang for the buck. When they're asking for things like sheet sets and construction paper, they're not worried about brand names and labels. If they are asking for things like clothes, Ipods and Playstations, remember these are kids...just like yours and mine. They dream BIG! They want whats cool and popular. If you get one of these Angels, maybe you could get a few people to go in together in order to get them what they are really longing for. Each angel is adopted out to only one person.  Multiple people won't be buying for the same kid. Additionally, the kids are cross checked through a county-wide data base to help prevent families from receiving aid from more than one agency. Essentially, whatever you decide to get them, is what they will 
receive on Christmas morning.

Should I wrap the gifts? 
No. Don't wrap anything and please leave all price tags intact. This is to ensure that gifts are age appropriate and that kids in the same family receive a similar amount of presents. (Again, they are just like our kids- they will know if a sibling gets more then them!)  The best thing to do is put each angel's stuff in a big garbage bag and label it with the code so we can be sure that it gets to the right child. 

Should I purchase gift cards and what about gift receipts?
We discourage gift cards unless you are buying for a teenager as they can be more difficult to buy for. If buying for a little one,  gifts are always a better option.  We can't guarantee that that the little ones will be the one benefiting from a gift card.
 You should include gift receipts for the clothing items just in case they don't fit.

How should I organize the gifts for drop off? 
Place each child's gifts in a  large trash bag.  Place a copy of their angel tag inside the bag and affix a copy of the         tag on the outside of the bag.  If you need more than one bag for your angel, follow the same protocol for each bag.  This will ensure that your gifts get to the right child and make things run much smoother on our end. 
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