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Salvation Army Christmas Angels 2019
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11/7/2019- We have 179 children waiting to be adopted for Christmas this year.​

11/8/2019- We're off to a strong start with 11 Angels        adopted overnight!

11/10/2019- 16 Angels adopted...163 still waiting for you!

11/11/2019- 55 Angels Adopted...124 still need help.

11/15/2019- 74 Angels Adopted. Keep those requests coming!

11/17/2019- 96 Angels remain on our list and are waiting for YOU to help make their Christmases a little brighter!

11/21/2019- We're half way there! 
87 Angels still need to be adopted. Please help!

11/25/2019- 82 Angels still waiting...

11/27/2019- Black Friday is in 2 days and we still have 70 kids waiting to be adopted. Please help!

12/1/2019- The good news is 119 local kids have been adopted for Christmas this year.  The concerning news is we still have 60 kids in need of help.  

12/2/2019- We're getting there slowly but surely! 54 kids left.

12/3/2019- Only 25 kids remaining!  We can do this!

12/4/2019- Down to 17 Angels!

12/8/2019- Only 7 Angels still in waiting.  Deadline is in 5 days!!! We need you! 

12/9/2019- Down to the last 5! Deadline is in 4 days.  Help!

12/10/2019- Every child has been adopted! Thank you! 

See below for up to date Angel information; 
how many are adopted & how many are waiting for you!