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-2017-  For twenty three years now, we've been working hard to see that kids in our area get a "normal" Christmas, regardless of their circumstances. While the need varies from year to year, it's always a huge number. This year there are just under 800 kids in the program. Michele and I have decided in order to keep what's left of our sanity to start with 250. Once we get those adopted out and people still want to help, we'll take on more.

Here's the part that is always the same: these kids need us. This is the only charity that they are enrolled in and it will be their only source of gifts this Christmas. Unfortunately, I recognize many of these same names year after year. It is also the only charity I know of where the giving is so very direct. 100% of everything you get goes directly to your angels.

 In the past we've done as many as 679 kids, so I know we can get it done this year.

 The Salvation Army has painstakingly interviewed all of the families in the program to verify the need and this is the only Christmas charity that they're enrolled in. These kids will not have a Christmas if it weren't for generous people like you. How can I be sure? The SA uses a charity data base clearinghouse that ensures they're not in any other Christmas charity.

Please do me a couple of favors. Forward this message to anybody you think might be interested in joining our mission. Also, if you've adopted angels in the past and would like to share a story about how this has touched you, your family or your kids, please drop me a note. I'd love to post some of these stories on the website.

 Peace and Respect,
Marc McTeague

Hear all about the ​Salvation Army Christmas Cheer 
Program from Captain Bryan DeMichael

The Salvation Army Angel Program is dedicated to helping children in need have a Merry Christmas through the generous donations of you all...lovingly referred to as "Elves". It is because of our Elves that these children will know the joy of the true spirit of Christmas which is that they are loved unconditionally.

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When you see a child or children that you would like to adopt, send an email 
to sachristmasangels@yahoo.com with the Angel(s) tracking code. 
We'll send you the complete information form within 24 hours.  Please keep in mind that we are volunteers and most of our correspondence happens after 5 pm.

This list is updated frequently. Names highlighted in GREEN are are available. 
Names in YELLOW have been adopted but not yet returned. 
Names in RED have been adopted and returned.

In order to ensure your Angel gets his/her gifts, all gifts must be returned to one of the 2 drop off locations no later than December 14th, 2018.  We cannot guarantee that your angel will receive your gifts if you miss the deadline. 
Click HERE to see locations.

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